air ambulanceWe believe choosing an air ambulance is like choosing a doctor. You will want a personal, helpful air ambulance company that understands your needs and can take care of you on your trip. The right personality is just as important as the service itself. But where do you begin? There are hundreds of medical transport companies in the United States, including us. While we are partial to our services, we understand you need the most information to make the right choice for your needs. And we want to help! We have complied these resources to help you learn more about air ambulance services, rates, insurance and more. Browse through these informative guides to learn more about our industry and what you need to know before your air ambulance flight:

General Air Ambulance FAQ and Information:

Some answers to the most common questions that we receive about our services, including insurance, cost, and what types of patients we serve.

Air Ambulance Cost Guide. Our most popular read. It’s important to understand all your options when paying for an air ambulance.

General Air Ambulance Information. Learn about the types of air ambulances, patients we serve, and logistics of our flights.

Commercial Air Ambulance Information. Answers to the most commonly-asked questions from those who wish to book a commercial air ambulance.

How an Air Ambulance Helps People Who Need Surgery. Need surgery? An air ambulance may be required depending on your health. It may also help you find the right hospital.

Non-Emergency Air Ambulance Services. Not everyone who needs an air ambulance is in an emergency situation. Lots of people book our flights from hospital to hospital, and for other various medical needs.

Air Ambulance Industry Stats. (From 2015) Learn about the growth of the industry and what it means for medical care.

19 Reasons Someone Needs an Air Ambulance. Not sure if an air ambulance will help you? These are just a few reasons why someone needs to fly in an air ambulance.

Disadvantages of Air Ambulance Brokers. Many times a website posing as an air ambulance company is actually a broker. Brokers drive up your costs and don’t provide the same service as booking directly with a company.

Air Ambulance and Rural Areas. Many people in rural areas do not have access to proper medical care. Learn how an air ambulance can help those people in small towns!

20 Facts About Air Ambulance Services. Learn just a few facts about our industry from the professionals who work in it.

Spotting a Fake Air Ambulance. Make sure you know how to book with a professional medical transport company.

A Study on Ground Ambulance vs Air Ambulance. The numbers are surprising. This report compares the safety of ground transport versus flying in an air ambulance.

Air Ambulance History. Learn the history of the medical transport industry, and how we have grown over the last three decades!

Air Ambulance Flight Information:

Already booked an air ambulance flight? Use these resources to help prepare for your trip!

Air Ambulance Patient Information. A comprehensive guide on how to decide on an air ambulance.

9 Items to Bring on an Air Ambulance. Pack the right documents, medication and other necessities to ensure a comfortable flight!

Flight Nurse Info. Learn all the responsibilities of an air ambulance flight nurse.

Air Ambulance Services and Your Doctor. Learn how we will work with your medical team to ensure you receive the proper care during your journey with us.

Keys to a Stress-Free Flight. An air ambulance trip can be a nervous time for someone in need. Learn how we will work with you to make sure your trip is as easy as possible.

Air Ambulance Mission Recaps:

Learn about how our services work by reading recaps from some of our medical flights!

Air Ambulance Mission Recaps. Learn about two of our missions to gain first-hand knowledge of how our flights operate and who we serve.

Istanbul to Toronto Recap. Learn about our international air ambulance mission from Istanbul to Toronto.

Bangkok to St. Louis. One of our most famous missions, we helped a young woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury in Bangkok return home to recover with her family in St. Louis.

Shanghai China to the United States. Learn about how we helped a man in need who was an American working in China come home.