What is an air ambulance?

Air ambulances are specially equipped business class aircraft carefully designed with a stretcher in place of a portion of passenger seating. Patients remain under the watchful eye of a highly trained medical crew equipped with advanced life support systems and proper medications to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of you or your loved one. Additional seating is available to allow family members to accompany you on your flight.

How do I know I need an air ambulance?

Air ambulances can be necessary in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Air ambulances are often utilized when the relocation of patients require specialized medical care to any destination in an expedient manner. Travel Care patients include the likes of: organ transplant donors and recipients; cancer treatment and specialized surgery patients; burn, stroke, advanced head and spinal injury victims. The use of an air ambulance is also necessary for repatriation of patients that are injured or become ill away from home, or even just to move a loved one closer to you.

How does this work?

With Travel Care it’s simple. You make one phone call and we take care of the rest. We make all the arrangements to take you bedside-to-bedside and everything in between. Our Flight Coordinators schedule air and ground transportation in addition to communicating details between case managers, doctors, facilities, and most importantly, you and your family members. Our Medical Director ensures that the patient receives the proper medical attention during the transport. Our air ambulance services are ready for you whenever you need them. We don’t take days off for weekends, holidays or special events.

What does bedside-to-bedside mean?

Bedside-to-bedside transportation means that you will receive continuous medical attention from the time you leave your bed in one facility to the time you reach your bed at your ultimate destination. This includes an initial medical assessment, continued monitoring, and relaying all the vital information to the destination facility upon your arrival.

Can you take patients anywhere?

Yes! Travel Care International is, as the name implies – international. Our air ambulances fly patients throughout the continental United States as well as abroad with the same great care everywhere we go. Certain restrictions may apply based on current FAA regulations for international destinations. With our complete customer care service we handle all the arrangements for customs and immigration.

What about insurance? Is an air ambulance covered?

In some cases, that insurance companies may provide coverage only if the transport is deemed “medically-necessary.” Ultimately, the patient is responsible for all payment if the insurance company does not provide coverage.

Is Travel Care a broker?

No. Travel Care International is licensed by the FAA to operate its own fleet of aircraft. When you secure our services you work directly with us from beginning to end. Further, as an independent provider we are able to offer the lowest possible price without compromising our level of patient care and service.

What will this cost me?

While we can’t control the rising medical costs we can try to help by keeping your air ambulances expense to a minimum. Our representatives are standing by to provide you with a quote day or night. Rest assured that our price to you will always be all-inclusive–no surprises. Any additional expenses that might be incurred due to a change in patient condition will be approved by you.

Do you provide medical personnel on the flight?

Yes. All medical flight patients are accompanied by qualified medical personnel. All flights are operated under the direction of the medical director’s policies and procedures.

What about medical equipment and medications?

All flights are equipped with the necessary supplies to handle emergency situations in the air, or at any time during the transport. Supplies include oxygen, a ventilator, cardiac monitor/defibrillator, IV supplies, and FAA approved stretchers, just to name a few.

What if a patient doesn't speak English?

No problem. Travel Care International can arrange for one of our multi-lingual staff to accompany the patient or arrange for an interpreter.

Can I bring luggage on the flight?

Certainly. However, due to airline regulations and the amount of required medical equipment required to operate luggage is limited. The amount of luggage will also depend upon the number of people traveling with you. In some cases, pre-shipment of non-essential materials is suggested.

How do I know what aircraft is right for me?

Travel Care International offers flight options to suit your budget, your needs, and your timeframe. We expect that you will rely on our expertise as an air ambulance provider to offer the right solution for your unique situation. We will work closely with your doctor(s) to determine the best method of transportation based upon your needs.