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Study: Air Ambulance Services More Effective Than Ground Transport

A recent study conducted by the “Canadian Journal of Surgery” is touting the use of air ambulance services over ground ambulances. Typically air ambulance services are for people with more severe injuries and needs than traditional ground ambulances. Despite that the study has found that patients who use air ambulance services have a better chance of surviving traumatic injuries than those who are transported by ground ambulances.

The study on the effectiveness of air ambulance services was conducted over a 10-year period from researchers from the Departments of Surgery at the Columbus Regional Hospital, Atlanta Medical Center and Emory University and at the University of Calgary. The study compared the injuries, surgical interventions and outcomes of patients who were transported to the hospital by both air and ground ambulances.

Air Ambulance Survival Rates Higher on Average

The study showed an high rate of survival for those who used air ambulance services and the results were not even close. The amount of patients who died in the emergency room who were brought in by ground ambulances was 585, compared to just 43 deaths from patients who used an air ambulance.

So what is the reason for this large disparity? Researchers say that the improved survival rate is likely because air ambulances contain more advanced monitoring and equipment plus more medications. Another advantage of using air ambulance services, according to the research, is the presence of a flight nurse and paramedic.

This study is a major development in the debate over ground versus air ambulances. The authors of this study also factor in cost and state, “The improved outcomes in our study indicate that appropriate helicopter transport, even with the associated cost and safety risk, is beneficial to severely injured patients.”

This study is especially good news for anyone who lives in a rural or remote locations or who travel frequently to nations with poor health services. Typically patients who live in (or visit) these areas have a higher mortality rate and risk of injury than urban-based residents. Now those residents can rest a little easier knowing the safety of air ambulances has now been proven by a lengthy medical study.

At Travel Care Air we understand how to care for our patients. Our air ambulance services provide piece of mind and we’re happy that this study reflects what we’ve known for a long time. Air ambulance can save lives and we’re here for you in your time of need. For more information about our services please connect with us on Twitter.

Read the full study here


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