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Ronald J. Schaberg

President of Travel Care Air

Ronald J Schaberg is the owner and president of Travel Care Air. He brings over 35 years of experience as owner of Travel Care, with an additional 45 years of overall flying experience. Schaberg is a father of five wonderful children and lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

Schaberg took an early interest in flight. He started flight lessons at the age of 14 and graduated from the Florida Flight Academy. Airline Transport Pilot rated, he has over 19,000 of flight time and has personally flown over 1,500 patients.

Born in Bangkok, Thailand and raised there until the age of 8, Schaberg is the son of a former Far East Manager for Caltex Oil. His family moved to the Philippines for 2 years until Ron was 10, before arriving in New Jersey and settling back into the United States.

Ronald J Schaberg started Travel Care Air in 1980 in Wisconsin. At the time, it was one of the very first fixed-wing air ambulance operations in the state.

Schaberg’s experience living overseas as a child stuck with him into adulthood. He has grown Travel Care into one of the leading international air ambulance companies because of his experience traveling all over the world at a young age.

Schaberg has extensive experience in managing, coordinating patient care all over the world. Under the leadership of Schaberg, Travel Care has established itself as the quickest flight service for heart patients, burn patients, snowmobile accidents, Car accidents, hunting, water skiing, and cancer patients.

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