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Preparing for a Medical Emergency

The term medical emergency can be very vague. A medical emergency can be anything from being involved in a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or suffering a heart attack, just to name a few. There are, however, universal things that you can do to prepare for anything that should strike you or your family. At some point in all of our lives we will have to face a life and death situation. Understanding what to do when something happens can save your life and keep you calm in a very stressful situation.

The first thing to do to prepare for a medical emergency is to make sure you always have updated contact information on you. If you become sick or wind up in a dangerous situation like a natural disaster having updated contact information on you at all times can help save time for medical personnel to help you. Have proper ID, and names and phone numbers for a few close friends or family members.

Another key to saving time in a medical emergency is keep a cell phone on you at all times. Technology like cell phones can help save precious time in an emergency by alerting officials of a problem immediately. You can also call for medical air transport if you become trapped somewhere where you are unable to escape by ground travel.

If you take medication, understand why it was prescribed to you. If you aren’t sure ask your doctor for a list of medication that you need to take with the names and what medical problem it treats and when you have to take it. If you are elderly it can be easy to lose track of your medication and why you need it. If you travel often keep a copy of the list with you.

Sometimes what you know in a medical emergency can be helpful to saving lives of others around you. Learning CPR, for example, is just one example of steps you can take to helping others in need. Most communities offer free CPR classes so check online for a class in your area. Other smaller steps can help save lives. For example, if someone is having a heart attack you can give them aspirin after calling 911 to help save their life.

At Travel Care Air we understand what to do in a medical emergency requiring medical air transport. Our team of medical air transport professionals can help you in your time of need. For more information about our medical air transport services and for more health and travel tips follow us on Twitter.


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