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Medevac Honors Medical Assistants Recognition Week

This week is Medical Assistants Recognition Week. As the heart of the health care in the United States and all over the world, medical assistants provide several key needs for people that work in health care. Medical assistants also provide a vital role in the medevacindustry.

You may think of a medical assistant as administrative staff who take appointments, however that is just one component of this profession. They run the gambit from scheduling, medical records, as well as clinical duties like preparing patients for examination, medical histories and drawing blood, to name a few. Overall just over 571,000 people work as a medical assistant in the United States alone.

Medical assistants are people who truly care for the people that they help. Many work long hours and don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Medical assistants in the medevac industry are typically called into action at a moment’s notice and often risk their lives to help save lives. Nearly half of all the assistants make under $32,000 per year and some make work on a volunteer basis. The average medical professional makes around $14.50 an hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Most are the people that are responsible for communicating with medevac professionals when we are called to help transport a patient. Case managers often handle these roles and can be anyone from administrative professionals to nurses that work at the hospital. Case managers are the key that help medevac teams discharge a patient from a hospital.

Medevac flights also can have the support of medical assistants. Medical escorts are a key component of our medevac flights. These escorts help ensure a safe and easy flight and can also provide a smooth transition if we are meeting a patient at the airport instead of a hospital. They also provide vital information to our staff about our patients, including diets, medicine, allergy and medical information.

At Travel Care Air we are proud to honor our medical assistants as well as those who work in hospitals to help save lives every day and help the medevac industry. Medical assistants are a wide range of people who take pride in the work they do and we are proud of our team as well as everyone we work with. For more information about our services follow us on Twitter.


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