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Keys to Stress Free Medical Air Transport

At Travel Care Air we understand that medical air transport may be a nervous experience for someone who isn’t a seasoned flyer. Our Travel Care Air professionals are there to ensure the best possible experience for your flight and your comfort is our top priority. Our medical air transport will also depend on what you need to understand about our services so that you can be as prepared as possible for your flight. By following these simple guidelines we can make sure you have a stress free medical transport experience.

When you place your initial call to Travel Care Air we will need to gather information. If you need medical air transport for an emergency having your basic medical information handy will help speed up the process. This will ensure that we can give our medical staff the proper information during the medical briefing. If necessary we can also arrange ground transportation to pick up a patient. It’s important to allow Travel Care Air to arrange for ground support. Some transfers may require the medical staff to accompany the patient on the ambulance ride between the hospital and airport.

Once the patient arrives at the airport the medical air transport process can begin. Our staff of trained professionals will safely and carefully transfer the patient onto the aircraft. If you have someone traveling with you, please make them your “assistant” so that you can worry about your recovery. If you are traveling alone make sure you have your belongings like proper identification, insurance cards, and passports (for international travelers).

Our crew will comfortably secure the patient on the stretcher with any medical equipment that they will need. Traveling partners, family or friends accompanying the patient on the medical air transport flight will be able to sit near the patient. Once everyone is secured and seated, vital signs will be checked by our staff to ensure any adjustments will or will not be needed prior to take-off.

In the air and throughout the flight the patient will be continuously monitored and the crew will provide any medical care, including giving medication. If the flight needs to stop for fuel the patient will stay on the aircraft with our trained professionals to ensure a comfortable stop.

When we arrive at the destination airport a ground ambulance will be waiting to transport the patient to the hospital of their choice. A medical report will be given to the ground ambulance crew. Like the first step it is possible the flight’s medical crew will join the patient on the ride to the hospital.

Travel Care Air is the leading medical air transport specialists. For over three decades we have safely transported people in their time of need. We are here to serve you and answer any questions you have about the process. For more information about our services and to reach out to us please like us on Facebook.


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