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How to Become a Medevac Pilot

A common question we are asked is what it takes to be a medevac pilot. Our entire staff is composed of well-trained professionals who understand and know what it means to be ready at a moment’s notice. More than most our pilots are under the most amount of pressure. A medevac flight can be stressful for all involved and depending on the situation a medevac staff may risk their own lives to help save another’s. If you are interested in becoming a medevac pilot there are a few keys to making your career your own.

If you are younger and seriously considering work as a medevac start as early as possible. In high school you can take math and science classes that will help you get into a college that specializes in flight training. In college if you want to be a medevac you will need to undertake lifesaving tasks as the member of a medevac crew. You will also have a heavy load of math and science classes. Join the ROTC program at your college which will give you more experience.

You can also get medevac training a couple of other ways. Some people join the military to give back to their country and it can also be a great training ground for anyone pursuing a medevac career. The military can give you life experience and training that no college or simulation can prepare you for. Joining the military will, however, force you into a commitment of several years.

If you want to apply for any job in the airline industry you need two major things, hours and licenses.  There are also private-sector training courses to become a medevac pilot. If you choose one of these courses you can learn at your own pace. This may be the right option for someone who needs to work, has a family or other life-circumstances where you need to be flexible. You can also choose your own license you want to obtain: Commercial, private, instrument or several instructor licenses. You will also need at least 1,000 flight hours to get most licenses you need to apply for medevac pilot jobs.

Most medevac companies are very picky and require several different licenses. For most an FAA medical license is required to pilot a medevac flight. You will likely need the highest available flying license available. If you hold a first class FAA license you will have a better chance at landing a medevac pilot job than anyone without it.

The path to becoming a medevac pilot can be long but you will be rewarded for your efforts. There is no such thing as too much experience in the medevac industry and taking your time will help you build the dedication you need for a very demanding industry.


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