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Elderly Medical Transport

One of the most popular reasons why people book an air ambulance is to transport an elderly family member. Typically the family member is going to need to be moved from his or her home to a medical facility, or family member’s home. Aside from having medical professionals at the side of your relative, elderly medical transport is helpful for a number of reasons. If your family is trying to figure out what to do with an elderly member of your family, an air ambulance can be a valuable resource.

Bedside to Bedside Elderly Medical Transport – For Those Who Need Extra Care

By offering bedside to bedside services, Travel Care Air’s private jet or commercial air ambulance services are a great resource for a sick elderly person who needs to be moved. We can transport an elderly member of your family from the bed of any hospital, nursing home, hospice or other care facility to another facility or home anywhere in the world. That means your family member will receive the care they need, and stay hooked up to any vital medical devices from the moment they leave the facility until they reach the destination. Some people like to use this service to bring a relative home to care for them, or for end of life care so that a family member can be with family. It’s a very useful resource for children who have parents in this situation who live very far away.

Commercial or Private Jet Options

There are a number of other needs that elderly medical transport can provide.  In other cases medical transport can be provided for those who don’t need as much medical care. Maybe you’re planning a family trip and would like to bring your grandparents, who may require special care during long travel. In those cases we might recommend taking a commercial flight, with a medical escort. Your grandparent would be able to travel with one of our nurses aboard a commercial plane, equipped with a privacy curtain and stretcher (if needed). It’s a great way to ensure the entire family can enjoy a special trip, or can be used to relocate a family member to your city with the proper care. You can also opt for a private jet to transport your family member. In most cases other family members can even travel with the patient on the private jet (depending on the size of the family).

Our medical transport services also give you piece of mind. We will take care of all the planning of the flights, ground ambulance (if beside to bedside) and can help coordinate the travel with your needs. We will also arrange updates for you so that you are kept in the loop during the transport. You will know about takeoffs, arrivals and any weather-related issues or delays. We will also work with your family doctor, hospice, or hospital staff to ensure smooth transitions from start to finish.

Whether your elderly family member needs a commercial flight or private jet Travel Care Air is here to help! Request a free elderly medical transport quote and we can start the process of meeting your needs. For more about our company please like us on Facebook.


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