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Disadvantages of Air Ambulance Brokers

Considering an air ambulance can be a confusing situation and you may find yourself in a rushed position, which only complicates matters. In some cases people who need an air ambulance book through a broker, only to find out they are being scammed or paying for a service when they could have went to the air ambulance company directly.

Let’s start with explaining what a broker does. Using a broker can help you locate an medical transport service that will meet your specific needs. Most brokers have a relationship with several companies and will do a lot of the conversation and over the phone things to set up an air ambulance for you or a family member.

Since the broker is basically a middle man, he or she does not own aircraft, and they may not necessarily know how air ambulance services work. The broker also doesn’t know the staff involved with the company and may not keep your preferences in mind. Typically a broker will take a call from you based on a referral from a hospital, doctor or even use the internet to attract business.

Is There a Difference in Booking with an Air Ambulance Brokers?
Using a broker for air ambulance services will not improve the quality either. A broker may not take the time to research an company so even if you use a broker you will still have to do a lot of work to make sure you are booking with the right company. Once an air ambulance is booked the broker will add an additional fee to the final cost, leaving you on the hook for potentially thousands of dollars for work you can do yourself.

Another of the disadvantages to brokers is they leave your hands tied. You don’t have direct communication with the medical transport company, nor the ability to know the quality control for you or your patient. When you deal directly with a company you will ensure the best rate for the services provided. Dealing directly with a company will also allow you to have any questions you may have answered by the provider itself. This direct communication and open line will build confidence that you are making the right decision.

At Travel Care Air when you call us you talk with us. We believe strongly in communication between us and our clients and we are a full service air ambulance company, not a broker, meaning we know our staff and our fleet. Travel Care Air can help save on your air ambulance if you call us directly instead of going through a broker whose primary concern is making as much money as possible. For more information on our air ambulance services and more tips on choosing the right air ambulance for you, follow us on Twitter.


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