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Can an Air Ambulance be used for Pregnancy Travel?

A common question we get is can we fly a pregnant woman to a destination? Flying commercially while you are pregnant can be risky if you are experiencing any complications. As a rule, most airlines do not allow pregnant women to travel after the 36th week. While different airlines have different rules, that is usually the standard for pregnancy travel.

But sometimes that non-refundable trip you booked 18 months ago stands in the way. Or you have a family member who becomes ill, and it’s necessary for you to travel to see them. Life happens, especially while you’re pregnant. If you have given these scenarios to your doctor, and the doctor feels that, with some medical attention, you can fly safely, you have a few options to research.

Can an Air Ambulance Help if I’m Pregnant and Need to Travel?

The short answer is: yes, we can help during pregnancy. However there are several factors at play. Typically to properly care for a pregnant woman, special equipment will need to be brought in. That means it could take some planning. If you’re looking to take off and only give the company 48 hours notice, you may run into trouble, depending on who you talk to.

A commercial escort may be set up, if the airline approves your travel. Airlines may not approve your trip for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is radiation potentials. While pregnant women experiencing radiation isn’t a concern at high altitudes, a commercial flight may not allow it. The concern from a commercial airline is exposure of radiation to the other passengers. Again this is something that is best discussed with your doctor before planning any trip.

The easiest way to avoid that issue is to book a private air ambulance jet. An air ambulance has equipment and staff to take care of most medical needs. On a private jet you also may feel more comfortable, which will give you the ability to be more relaxed during your trip. Family can travel on most private air ambulance flights as well, so you won’t be alone for your trip.

You should also think about what to do when you reach your destination. Namely, you should consider the child before thinking about certain trips. After the air ambulance leaves, you may be on your own during the trip. Trips that are very long (to another country, or cross country) may not be the best if you are late term. Additionally, if you are visiting a very rural area, consider the length of your trip and how to access a hospital if you go into labor.

There are lots of factors when thinking about using an air ambulance while pregnant. Our team can work with you to come up with the best plan and offer advice. Contact us for a free quote and we will reply to let you know how we can meet your needs.

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