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Air Ambulance Istanbul to Toronto Recap

Recently we had the opportunity to help someone in Turkey return home to Toronto. It was a short notice mission that came together quickly and ended with the yet another successful commercial air ambulance mission.

The entire trip took only about 48 hours from start to finish and began last Friday. Just a few hours after our agreement with the patient’s family our crew was on a commercial flight heading to Turkey. The crew stopped in Prague for typical rest and arrived in Istanbul on Sunday morning.

Once the crew arrived they met with the patient. The man, an 83-year-old fighting pneumonia at and his son met us at a hospital in Istanbul. After the typical bedside services we were able to load the patient and our trip home began.

The flight made a couple of different stops before heading to Toronto. The international air ambulance went from Istanbul to Prague, then to Iceland and Newfoundland before making its final stop at the destination in Toronto.

We were happy to bring this patient back to Toronto to receive the care that he needs. Unfortunately he is bedridden, but an international air ambulance service like Travel Care Air is here to help accommodate and our staff was able to give the man the care that he needed during the long flight back home. Anytime we have the chance to bring father and son and family back together in a short amount of time it reminds us of why we do what we do.

At Travel Care Air our international air ambulance is ready at a moment’s notice. Like this mission we can have our crew heading to assist you within hours. Our international air ambulance staff will provide top level care and comfort for you and for your loved ones. For more information about our international air ambulance services and for travel tips and helpful information please follow us on Twitter.


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