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Air Ambulance Flight Nurse Responsibilities

Our most valued team members are our flight nurses. Ready to help those in need 24/7, the flight nurse is the vital signs of an air ambulance. If you need an air ambulance you may have questions about the person who will be closest to you during your journey. Is a flight nurse any different than a hospital nurse? Will they be able to take care of my needs? Here is a handy guide to help you learn more about our air ambulance nurses.

Air Ambulance Flight Nurses Start on the Ground

Most flight nurses need at least five years of experience working as a registered nurse. Most also have additional experience working in trauma centers or emergency rooms. They also need a bachelor’s degree. A flight nurse has an extra layer of responsibility that nurses in a hospital or practice don’t. They need to solve complex medical problems and don’t have a lot of additional support on flights. All fight nurses that fly on our air ambulance missions will also have extensive training in any medical care that corresponds with emergency care. While most of our flights are non-emergency, we understand you have to prepare for everything. We make sure each of our flight nurse has the proper experience and understanding of modern medicine before they take to the skies.

Flight Nurses Have a Wide Range of Duties

A flight nurse on your air ambulance flight will have several duties to ensure we care for you during your mission. They are responsible for proper treatment while working in smaller spaces (inside the aircraft), and are constantly evaluating the patients ailments and needs from bedside to bedside. Air ambulance flight nurses are responsible for things like blood transfusions, understanding the patient’s medication needs, dealing with various injuries, stitching and more. A flight nurse also has to operate medical equipment like oxygen tanks and ventilation machines.

Flight Nurses Keep Things Clean

Flight nurses know on an air ambulance, sanitation is key. Obviously it can be difficult to keep an air ambulance as sanitized as a hospital on the ground. So the nurse makes it his or her goal to clean as often as necessary to ensure nothing is contaminated.

Flight Nurses Have Good Communication Skills.

While most of those duties may not surprise you, there are a lot of non-medical issues that a flight nurse on our missions will help with. That includes planning the flight and preparing the layout of the plane and equipment. Prior to each air ambulance flight, the nurse will attend pre-mission meetings to ensure the patient has the proper information, paperwork and medicine. A good flight nurse is a good communicator. Typically the flight nurse will be in contact with the air ambulance crew and communicate with the medical team, both in air and at the takeoff location and destination. The nurse also works with family members to ensure transport of a patient is with their needs in mind.

Those are just a few duties of our selfless flight nurses! If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we would be happy to talk with you about your air ambulance needs. You can also learn more about us on Twitter.


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