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Air Ambulance and Doctors

This Thursday (March 30th) marks National Doctors’ Day. Since 1933 National Doctors’ Day has been celebrated in the United States. It’s a day to honor physicians all over the country who care for our citizens. In our industry we work closely with doctors, both in the United States and internationally. You might not know it but doctors are a big part of the air ambulance industry as well. So, in honor of National Doctors’ Day we thought we would educate others on how doctors interact with our teams.

Doctors can serve multiple purposes in the air ambulance world. In some countries doctors are flown via helicopter air ambulances directly to the scene of disasters or medical emergencies. Aviation doctors are usually on call in 12 hour shifts, ready at a moment’s notice to take any call that comes their way. Many of these doctors will travel all over the world, and some work completely alone, without any other medical support staff.

In some cases doctors and other physicians are directly involved with the air ambulance companies that they serve. In other cases doctors are part of a hospital that has its own helicopters. In rural areas especially, doctors still make house calls. Nine percent of all doctors in America work in rural areas, and often travel is difficult. In especially rural areas they make those aforementioned house calls via an air ambulance.

Doctors who work in hospitals work with air ambulance companies as well. In an earlier blog we wrote about how communication with our flight nurses and hospital staff is vital to helping care of patients. Doctors are the leaders on the other end of that spectrum. Typically, when we receive a call to help someone in a hospital we have to spend a lot of time with the doctors treating the patient. The doctors give us the information that we need to ensure we have the proper tools, equipment and medicines to care for our patients.

Outside of the hospital setting, doctors play an important role in our other air ambulance missions. Personal doctors will work with our team hand in hand when we have to transport someone in a non-emergency situation. Typically this involves elderly clients who have specific medical needs. Like in a hospital, we will work with personal care physicians to make sure the patient receives the care they need. Primary care doctors allow us to offer a personalized service. Some doctors may even accompany the patient and work with our flight nurse and other air ambulance staff.

Since 1980 we have had the honor of working with so many doctors all over the world, the count is almost impossible to tally. While National Doctors’ Day may be an event specific to the United States, we salute every doctor that we have had the pleasure of working with over the last 37 years. Their dedication to their craft has helped us transport thousands of patients all over the globe, and we thank them for their support.

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