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6 Reasons to Use a Commercial Air Ambulance

When booking an air ambulance you can opt for a private jet, or a commercial air ambulance. The commercial option is not right for everyone, however it is a better alternative for others. For more serious medical conditions a private transport will be necessary. However in most cases a commercial flight can be used to transport someone with medical needs, in stable condition. How do you know if the commercial transport is right for you? Here are some popular reasons why people will book a commercial air ambulance over a private jet:

1. Cost. A commercial medical transport is a much more affordable solution compared to the private air ambulance. There’s less logistics involved and we pass those savings onto you.

2. Comfort. While a private jet will always provide the most comfort, a commercial transport is very comfortable. The commercial flight can be equipped with a privacy curtain that will give you your own place to relax while we take care of your needs.

3. Fewer stops. Commercial air ambulance options are best for long flights. Because private jets need to make more stops, it makes more sense to go the commercial route because they refuel less. This is especially key for an international trip, however it depends largely on the medical needs of the patient.

4. You’ll have medical professionals with you. Travel Care will send our experienced flight nurses on commercial flights to ensure you have the best medical care during your journey.

5. Commercial flights can handle some (but not all) medical equipment. Certain needs, like oxygen tanks can be tricky for commercial flights. Some airlines don’t allow them, but most have alternatives like portable oxygen containers. However our flight nurses can bring on monitoring systems and other medical tools to take care of your needs, including medicines.

6. Commercial flights can handle stretcher transport. If you need to be transported via a stretcher, a commercial flight can be equipped to make sure you have the room you need. Several rows of seats will be reserved for maximum comfort.

Commercial airlines have detailed information on what medical conditions and equipment they can accommodate. It’s best to check with them before planning any commercial flight. We can help the planning process from start to finish.

From booking the flight to transporting you and your family, our services take all the guesswork and planning off your shoulders, so all you have to do is enjoy the journey! No matter your destination we can help with your commercial transport needs. Request more information about a commercial air ambulance here, and like us on Facebook for more news and information.


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