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5 Benefits of a Private Air Ambulance

If you need an air ambulance for a non-emergency situation you may want to consider a private jet. A private air ambulance offers the comfort that a commercial transport service can’t come close to matching. Here are several benefits to booking a private air ambulance:

  1. Discretion. A private air ambulance is just that: private. It offers you the most private way to travel while you are sick, injured or need medical attention. A commercial stretcher in a commercial flight does offer a privacy curtain, however if you are uncomfortable being around others while traveling in this manner, there’s no better way to ensure your comfort than going with a private jet.
  2. It’s not too private. A common misconception of a private jet is that you are alone, with only our staff. While there are limits, your family is more than welcome aboard during your trip. We are flexible with who travels with you to ensure that you are as comfortable as you can be. Whether you need an air ambulance returning from a vacation, or being transported to a different location, including your family gives you some interaction which will keep your spirits up!
  3. We take care of the flight arrangements. Using a commercial stretcher puts you at the will of the airline. With a private jet, the scheduling is better suited to your needs, rather than the needs of over 100 other people.
  4. You will have more attention. Everyone on the plane is there for you, including the nurses and pilots. Booking an air ambulance offers the kind of attention that a commercial stretcher just can’t provide. Your care is the only priority, and the only reason for the flight. You’re our personal rock start from bedside to bedside.
  5. Each flight is customized to your needs. There are certain medical devices not allowed on commercial flights. On a private air ambulance you are in control. Our staff will equip the plane with everything you need, including heart monitors, IV fluids, and your medicine. We will go to any lengths to ensure that you have the proper medical care, plus a few comforts that will help you enjoy your journey.

Both private and commercial air ambulance services offer pros and cons. But if you are looking for the best attention to detail, a private jet is the best way to travel if you have medical needs. Receive a free quote on a private air ambulance from Travel Care Air today and follow us on Twitter for more about our services!


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