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The Pharmacist is the hidden gem of the medical community. Most of the time they are the behind the scenes people that you don’t talk to much. But you probably should get to know your Pharmacist. They are full of information that will be useful to your health. With drug prescriptions on a steady rise in the United States over the past two decades, the Pharmacist is becoming a very valuable, and underutilized resource. The following is a sample of some of the things that your Pharmacist wants you to know.

Pharmacists are good at being precise with filling prescription orders. But their knowledge goes far beyond filling pill bottles. Pharmacists are the people you should go to, ahead of physicians even, with questions about the medication that you are prescribed. Pharmacists are more knowledgeable about individual drugs, including their side-effects, dosage and anything else you might need to know before taking a drug. The Pharmacist can tell you what to eat, what not to eat, and the safety precautions (i.e. don’t drive) with each medication. So feel free to ask them all the questions you have, even if you’ve already talked with your doctor.

The behind the counter scenes in most Pharmacy’s looks very laid back, but Pharmacists are under tremendous pressure. They get a lot of prescriptions they need to fill daily. Don’t be frustrated if you have to wait awhile for your prescription. A Pharmacist must be accurate with his or her work to avoid any mistakes that could cause someone serious health problems. If you have to refill, help the Pharmacist out by giving them 48 hours notice. The best time to get a prescription filled in usually early in the morning.

Another thing that your Pharmacist wants you to know is to avoid splitting pills. That’s because the dosage may not be the same in each half if you split it down the middle. It’s also not safe to split the pill in half. You should always take each pill whole so that the drug can be properly absorbed into the body.
Pharmacists also want you to store your medicine properly and dispose of it in a safe way. That means you should never store it in the bathroom. Medicine should be stored in a cool, dry place, and the bathroom is typically where a lot of moisture builds up from hot showers/baths throughout the day. Never take a medicine past its expiration date. Expired antibiotics are especially dangerous, and can actually help an infection thrive.

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