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January is Oatmeal Month, a chance to highlight this incredibly important super-food. Since heart disease is one of the leading killers in the United States, it’s important to note how much you can improve your health by eating more oatmeal.

Oatmeal has a certain stigma: that it’s plain, bland and tough to eat. But you can eat more oatmeal starting right now, and enjoy some delicious flavors with some of these fun oatmeal recipes:

Roasted Apple Oatmeal with Coconut Milk. Spice up your oatmeal with roasted apples. Cut up apples into quarter wedges, sprinkle with allspice and vegetable oil and roast in a 350 oven. Meanwhile cook your oats in another superfood, coconut milk. It’s better than boring water and even people who don’t like coconut milk will enjoy the subtle flavor. Once the apples are roasted combine the ingredients and serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal. Combine cooked oats with peanut butter for an interesting texture combination. Top with freshly cut bananas and drizzle with some honey. It’s a good idea to keep the oats loose (i.e. use a little extra milk). When they are wet and combine with the peanut butter they won’t be too dry. This combination also works great as a smoothie!

Oatmeal with Chia Seeds. Inject even more antioxidants by adding chia seeds to your oatmeal. The chia seeds will give the oatmeal some texture in addition to a nutrition boost. Top with your favorite fresh fruits for a great breakfast, or use as a side dish to a savory dinner.

Steel Cut Oat Risotto. No one knows what to do with steel cut oats, but they are so underrated. They usually cook longer so they work great in a risotto. Make your favorite with seafood, chicken, or another protein. Replacing the rice with oats is surprisingly bold. Just make sure you add the oats with enough time to cook, and have plenty of liquid. Unlike rice, you don’t want crispy oats.

Oatmeal with Egg, Scallion, and Cheddar. Yep, another great savory oatmeal dish! For the perfect quick dinner make some oats with salt and pepper, add a fried egg, some chopped scallions and top with cheddar.

Oatmeal with Coconuts. We mentioned cooking oats in coconut milk, but adding shaved coconut to oatmeal is always a winning idea. The texture of the oatmeal and coconut offer some competitive balance. Another great breakfast idea that works well with your favorite fruit or jams. If you’re not a fan of coconuts try sprinkling your oatmeal with some granola instead.

We hope these ideas will help you get over the stigma of boring oatmeal. For more health tips and news about our services please like us on Facebook!

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