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Occupational therapy monthIf you have used our air ambulance service, you most likely already have met an occupational therapist. Many of our clients are trauma victims, or those who suffer other injuries who need some sort of rehab. Enter the thousands of talented occupational therapists all over the world.

April marks National Occupational Therapy Month. It’s a celebration that we, and our clients mark with great joy and thanks to all of the therapists who help our clients and others regain their lives. It’s a health-science industry of sorts, where professionals use proven science to improve the lives of anyone with a disability. These heroes of the health community use holistic and custom approaches to their services, which are unique to each individual.

Occupational therapy is a unique category in the world of health professionals. Many occupational therapists work helping people recovery from injury. An occupational therapist will work with the injured patient to help them relearn the skills they lost because of the injury they suffered (like a trauma patient regaining motor skills). An occupational therapist may also work with long-term disabled persons, helping them to live life to their best potential. Occupational therapists also work with the elderly who are undergoing physical or cognitive changes.

When we think of miracle workers in health care, we are usually talking about occupational therapists. Ever been told you can’t do something and have worked to defy the odds? In the medical community it is the occupational therapists that help make those dreams a reality for many Americans suffering with an injury or disability.

Occupational therapists work with people who have heard “you’ll never walk again,” and help them walk again. We have seen first hand how occupational therapists work miracles, bringing many of our patients with trauma injuries back to 100% of their normal functions. It’s a great joy to us to see updates from some of our patients who were with occupational therapists who are able to resume their normal lives.

The occupational therapists in the country are also the people who deal closely with our growing elderly population. They make house calls and form relationships with our most vulnerable Americans, helping the elderly enjoy the best of their latter years.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, and what I believe would be the most challenging aspect of the job, is working with disabled children. Nearly one in five Americans has some sort of disability, and many of them are children. Occupational therapists not only work with children to help rehab and repair their injuries or disability, they also work with children who have long term disabilities. They help those children by providing emotional support and guidance in social situations, where they are most at risk for ridicule and bullying.

Travel Care Air joins the rest of the nation in saluting our occupational therapists. We thank those we have worked with especially, for their care of our patients.

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